Pop Up Blocker Scoring

How We Score A Pop Up Blocker: The popup blocker quality score is calculated based on the type of popups your software allows or disallows. Some popups should be allowed; many popup blockers can be too restrictive and may ruin your internet experience.

Listed below are the tests used to check your pop up blocking software. Each test has a score associated with it and is added to your total points. For a description of each popup test, please refer to the main page for details on each test.

Note: If you run the test without a popup blocker, you would score 35 points. Because we test a blocker’s ability to allow good popups, not having a blocker would allow you to pass the ‘allowing’ tests.

Popup Test Name Added points
Normal popup blocking 20
Full-screen popup blocking 10
Channel-opener popup blocking 5
Modeless dialog blocking 10
Browser window popup blocking 20
User-launched HREF-method popup
User-launched JavaScript-method
popup allowing
User-launched OnClick-method
popup allowing
User-launched Delayed-method
popup allowing

After the score is calculated, your pop up blocking software is given one of seven possible quality ratings listed below.

Rating Score needed
Outstanding 100
Almost Perfect More or equal
than 90
Very Good More or equal
than 80
Above Average More or equal
than 60
Average More or equal
than 40
Poor More or equal
than 20
Bad More or equal
than 0