Pop-up Blocker Top 10

Sick of popup ads? We tested a large number of FREE popup blockers and listed the top 10 and their scores in the table below. In order to qualify, the pop up blocker software had to be completely free without trial periods, limitations or other tricks.

Many free pop up blockers scored well on preventing pop ups, but because of their over aggressive behavior, failed the pop up allowing tests. The allowing tests are designed to test the ability of a pop up blocker to distinguish a pop up from a window you actually requested.

A free pop up blocker is often included inside many of the newer browsers. If the browser’s free pop up blocker scored well enough, then we included them in the list as well.

Free Popup Blocker Scores
Scoring invloves every test we have, from the automated ad blocking test to the advanced ad blocking test. In the table below, you’ll notice a group of scores, such as 85,100,100,100 for a total of 385. From left to right, the scoring is as follows:

Standard, miscellaneous, advanced capacity, and advanced tests with the results added to give a total score.

If you know of a free pop up blocker or other utility that should be added to this list, please let me know. I’ll be happy to test it out and post the results.